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Adjusts an harmonic model to predict the temporal periodicity of the vegetation index, based on the acquisitions of a specified training period.


  • masked_vi_path : str : Path of the csv containing the vegetation index for each pixel of each observation, for each valid Sentinel-2 acquisition. Must have the following columns : epsg, area_name, id, id_pixel, Date and vi.
  • pixel_info_path : str : Path used to write the csv containing pixel info such as the validity of the model and its coefficients.
  • periods_path : str : Path of the csv containing pixel periods, updated with the last_date of the training.
  • name_column : str : Name of the ID column. The default is 'id'.
  • min_last_date_training : str, optional : The date in YYYY-MM-DD format after which SENTINEL dates are no longer used for training, as long as there are at least nb_min_date dates valid for the pixel. The default is "2018-01-01".
  • max_last_date_training : str, optional : Date in YYYY-MM-DD format until which SENTINEL dates can be used for training to reach the number of nb_min_date valid dates. The default is "2018-06-01".
  • nb_min_date : int, optional : Minimum number of valid dates to calculate a model. The default is 10.


This step updates the csv at periods_path, adding the column last_date and completing it for the training periods. It also writes a new csv file at pixel_info_path with the following columns :

  • epsg : The CRS of the Sentinel-2 tile from which data was extracted
  • area_name : The name of the Sentinel-2 tile from which data was extracted
  • an ID column corresponding to the name_column parameter
  • id_pixel : The ID of the pixel
  • last_training_date : The last date used for training
  • coeff1, coeff2, ..., coeff5 : Value of the corresponding coefficient of the harmonic model :

Running this step

Using a script

from fordead.validation.train_model_from_dataframe import train_model_from_dataframe

train_model_from_dataframe(masked_vi_path = <masked_vi_path>,
                           pixel_info_path = <pixel_info_path>,
                           periods_path = <periods_path>,
                           name_column = 'id',
                           min_last_date_training = "2018-01-01",
                           max_last_date_training = "2018-06-01",
                           nb_min_date = 10