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Detection of FORest DEgradation And Dieback with the package _fordead_

This tutorial introduces the main functionalities of the package fordead (FORest Degradation And Dieback). fordead is a python package initially developed to detect anomalies in seasonality induced by bark beetle outbreaks on spruce forests from Sentinel-2 time series.


Package installation

If the package is not already installed, follow the installation instruction guide. If already installed, launch the command prompt and activate the environment with the command conda activate <environment name>

Download the tutorial dataset

This tutorial uses a subset extracted from a Sentinel-2 time series, corresponding to a coniferous forest stand attacked by bark beetle in North East region of France. The subset can be downloaded manually from the fordead_data repository, or automatically with the command line :


This dataset includes all Sentinel-2 images acquired since the launch of Sentinel-2A in 2015 until September 2019. The dataset was downloaded from the Theia data catalogue. Level-2A FRE (Flat REflectance) products will be used for this tutorial (for more information, please visit this webpage). fordead can also process data obtained from other providers (ESA-Copernicus, CNES-PEPS).

Disk space requirements

Once fordead is installed, a minimum of 1 Go of free disk space is recommended.